Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking to get your teeth 7 to 8 shades whiter in Buffalo, NY?!

     Brighton Family Dental recommends the Ultradent Opalescense Custom Tray Whitening Process!  This is the real deal.  First the patient comes to Brighton Family Dental in Tonawanda, Ny for a 1 hour appointment where a custom tray is made for the patient.  At this time the tray is filled with a special peroxide gel and then applied to the teeth by the dentist.
   Afterwards the patient uses the custom tray at home daily for a 2 week period.  At the end of the process the discolored, stained teeth should be 7-8 shades lighter!  The custom tray ensures that the whitening gel is applied properly to the teeth by the dentist and this process will get even better results than off the shelf solutions.
  This is also a process we recommend for those who want the best professional application option supervised by a dentist.
Looking to start 2013 with a whiter smile?  

The professional procedure costs only $350.00!  Schedule an appointment in the Buffalo, NY area at Brighton Family Dental at (716) 836-4590.