Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Looking for Affordable Teeth Whitening in Buffalo, NY?

    At Brighton Family Dental we recommend and carry Crest Whitestrips Professional Strength.  These are the strongest, most effective Crest whitening product and allow patients to apply the strips themselves saving time and money.

   How do they work?  The strips contain 14% hydrogen peroxide which is the same active ingredient used at professional bleachings carried out in a dentist office.  The higher percent of hydrogen peroxide than what you can get off the shelf in a supermarket allows for more dramatic teeth whitening and a brighter smile

   Will these work for me at home?

     Patients who will have the most success with this in home teeth whitening treatment are those who have yellowish stains on their teeth.  If the stains are from tetracycline and are grey-brownish we recommend a few in office whitening sessions before using these strips.  
For the money and time saved Brighton Family Dental highly recommends patients looking to whiten their teeth economically at home use this product.  To order give us a call at (716) 836-4590 or just stop by our office conveniently located off the 290 highway near the Colvin Exit to pick up some for yourself today!
At only $60.00 whiter teeth are definitely in your price range!